Visso - Pian della Cuna di Fematre


Just north of the Sibillini Mountains National Park we face the Natural Reserve of Mount Torricchio, protected by WWF. It has an extension of about 300 hectares, in a high hill landscape typical of Marche. Acknowledged as a bio-genetic reservation by the Council of Europe, Mount Torricchio is particularly rich with flowers and fauna. It is an area belonging to the valley of the Tazza river, a tributary of the Chienti river, sitting between the slopes of Mount Fema, Mount Cetrognola and Mount Torricchio, at altitudes ranging from 820 to 1491 meters above sea level. It is an isolated area, far from inhabited centres and with no resident population, almost entirely belonging to the Pieve Torina, and for just about two hectares to the Monte Cavallo municipality. The Tazza Valley was, for centuries, a source of wood to the villages in the area. The only buildings, here, are a chapel and a cottage, called “Casale Piscini”, where the Camerino University, manager of the reservation, holds its instruments.


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