Vafornace (Locality Pievebovigliana - Pontelatrave) - Church and Convent of S. Francesco


The convent boasts very ancient origins. It was built by S. Francesco in 1200, during his pilgrimage from Assisi to Loreto. In the portico you can still admire frescoes of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries illustrating the most important events of S. Francesco’s life. Near the monastery also the well from which San Francesco would have changed water into wine to refresh workers tired of the long work. The Church has a only nave with a hammer-beam roof, it dates back to the fourteenth century, while the monastery was rebuilt in the eighteenth century. The apse is entirely frescoed with paintings attributed to Cola di Pietro. In addition, the Church houses a nineteenth century copy of a fourteenth-century crucifix similar to that of San Damiano of Assisi. The original, about which the tradition says it was donated to the monastery by S. Francesco himself, was destroyed in 1892 during a fire. Today the former convent, in the setting of the National Park of Monti Sibillini, houses weddings and ceremonies, particularly in the inner cloister, where you can admire the frescoes depicting the life of St. Francis of Assisi.

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the church is closed. For further information please write to


Vafornace (Locality Pievebovigliana - Pontelatrave) - Church and Convent of S. Francesco

Via Convento - frazione Pontelatrave, 2
Valfornace (MC)
0737 44126 (Comune)

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