Urbino - Museum of the Diocese "Albani"


This itinerary in the extraordinary artistic heritage of the Archdiocese of Urbino – Urbania – Sant’Angelo in Vado, is named in memory of the noble family from Urbino of Pope Clement XI Albani (1700-1721) and its artistic patronage which contributed to enriching the “treasures of the cathedral”. Since 1964, the Episcopal Complex has been the location of a museum in continual growth, strengthened by recent discoveries and findings of which the Archdiocese territory is rich, and are today displayed in a completely renewed setting.

It holds a rich assortment of ecclesiastical furnishings, from the XIII century to our times; third and fourth century illuminated manuscripts, chalices and reliquaries of filigree and enamel, majolica and porcelain, amber, gold and silver, crystals, ivory pastoral staffs, and liturgical vestments lined with precious metals. Unique are the monumental brass lectern from the library of the Duke of Urbino, Federico da Montefeltro and the bronze candelabrum cast by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. There are many detached frescoes which tell the story of the diffusion of the International Gothic style in the land of the Salimbeni brothers, Jacopo and Lorenzo. The boards and canvases painted between the XIV and XVIII century provide evidence of the great artistic schools of Giovanni Santi, Mannerism and of great artistic personalities such as Federico Barocci (Repentant St. Jerome, Ecstasy of the Blessed Michelina) and Federico Zuccari (Christ at the Column) who have characterized the history of the territory over the centuries, as well as having conquered the national and international scene.

The grand Cathedral in Neoclassical style, designed by the architect Giuseppe Valadier at the end of the XVIII century, contains the Albani Museum and the Oratory of the Grotta, a place of worship and piety tied to tradition of the Holy week, and now, as an exhibition space, the fulcrum of the ecclesiastic artistic heritage of Urbino.


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