The City Museum


The “City Museum” is the new museum that since 2000 Ancona can show to its visitors. The museum is located in the historic centre of the city and its entry is in the splendid Plebiscito Square generally known as Pope Square.

The 600 sqmts museum, having also several basements, is located in the inner spaces of the as ancient as impressive St Thomas of Canterbury Hospital and into the premises of the ex fish-market founded in 1817. The museum transmits to the visitor the history of Ancona starting from the prehistory period until actual epoch through archeological founds, characters, places, original prints, photographical reproductions and building’s graphics, topographic maps, documents, paintings, reconstructive relief maps, didactic info panels and thematic videos allowing the comparison between the ancient city and the modern one. It is composed by four sections: by its origins to year 1000, by 1000 till up to 1532, by 1532 till up to the end of ‘600, by the French occupation till up Italian unity. Instead, further videos do inform you about the development of the contemporary Ancona, by Italy’s Unity till up to 1960.

The museum is a structure continuously expanding for being also the entry door to the Urban Diffused Musem from which start and spread several routes around the city that naturally lives and transforms itself during the passing time.



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