Teatro dell'Aria - Parco Ornitologico e Centro di Falconeria


The Ornithological Park and Falconry Centre "The Theatre of the Air" is an environmental education park entirely dedicated to the art of falconry. It is located in the fabulous setting of the medieval fortress of Gradara; built and designed according to green building and sustainability criteria, it is fully integrated into its surroundings, respect for the history and architecture of the village. Here you can see demonstrations of specimens of birds of prey in flight  - hawks, vultures, kites, eagles, owls, hawks and buzzards - and watch exciting shows with birds of prey engaged in amazing evolutions guided by the professional falconer and founder of the Park, Mr. Massimo Lanatà. In Summer, public performances, cabarets and concerts are also offered. "The Theatre of the Air" is also a cultural and scientific centre for the collection and dissemination of useful information to research on birds of prey. It also offers additional services with high professional standards: education, events, initiation courses and completion courses on falconry at all levels, actions of "pest control" for public and private subjects, removal service of invasive species, and much more.


Teatro dell'Aria - Parco Ornitologico e Centro di Falconeria

Via Circonvallazione
Gradara (PU)
+39 342 7683929

OPENING TIME: May to October - every day 10,00 a.m. to 07,00 p.m.

Recommended for: Family - Young

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