St. Pius V’s Church


The Church represents the centre of the urban widening of Grottammare designed by the architect Pietro Augustoni, in 1779, who designed at the same time the building. The portal has been designed by the sculptor Aldo Sergiacomi. The works started in 1780 and followed in a first moment the original project, which can be seen in the nave, in the apse and in the Dome. The building lasted long: in fact between 1847 and 1850 the Church was enlarged, the nave was completed and was realised the new façade designed by the architect Virginio Vespigniani.

The portal has been designed by the sculptor Aldo Sergiacomi, but realised only after his death from the aide Fausta Derna Perozzi. The doors remind the Jubilee Fair, St. Pio V and Sisto V. Some saints are also portrayed, among which the patron saint of Grottammare St. Paterniano and St. Teresa, and St. Umberto, to remember the committee’s parents. The interior preserves a lot of interesting works; the High Altar piece represents St. Pio V praying in front of the Virgin by the painter from Recanati Falconi, who portrays the saint Pope thanking the Virgin for the victory of the Christian Navy over the Turkish one in Lepanto.


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