Sefro - Altopiano di Montelago


Max Gazzè in concert on Wednesday August 2 2017 in Altopiano di Montelago, Sefro Municipality.

Sefro, in the Macerata province hinterland, is set in the middle of woodland and is surrounded by the Appennine mountains. Very remarkable is the Montelago upland, which is made up of two little Karstic uplands, one of which has got sinkholes where, during the cold winter nights, little and often frozen ponds form. In Sefro there is the Varano Tower, which is all is left of the medieval castle where the Varano family, lords of Camerino, lived after  Camerino was raided in 1259 by the Ghibellines. To Giulio Cesare da Varano is attributed the reclamation, after 1458, of the upper section of the Montelago Upland and of the residual lake, after which the plain was intensively cultivated till the Seventies of last century. Very remarkable, by a naturalistic point of view, is also the narrow and long Valle della Scurosa (Scurosa Valley), with its beechwood.


Sefro - Altopiano di Montelago

Piazza G. Bellanti, 1
Sefro (MC)

Recommended for: Trekking - Family - Young - Leisure

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