Sassoferrato - Gorge of Riofreddo

The Gorge of Riofreddo is located on the border between the Marches and Umbria region. In the Marche region, take the road Perticano - Pascelupo to get there, diverting the dirt track that leads to the hermitage of San Girolamo. It is actually located downstream of Fabriano and Sassoferrato. Once arrived at a bridge, ford the Rio Freddo, and from there the trail leads directly to the beginning of the gorge. At the exit of the gorge, follow the path and the Hermitage road. The most trained tourists can also descend the canyon, starting from Val di Ranco, on the southern slope of Mount Cucco. There are short jumps, small lakes and short stretches of road; the path is narrow between the rock walls marked by karst erosion.

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