Sassoferrato – Church and Convent of S. Francesco

The construction of the late Romanesque or Gothic Roman style is located in the district “Castello”,  the oldest part of the city. The presence of the Church and the Convent is documented from 1248 (Seal of Innocent IV). According to tradition the foundation of the Church should be attributed  to San Francesco in 1225, or that  happened  in the same place where the Saint preached. Inside, at a nave, paintings by Ramazzani (1530-1592) and Guerrieri (1589-1617) are preserved, in the apse remains of frescoes (school of Fabriano '300 and '400). The Church has one of the highest expressions of fourteenth century painting from  Rimini in the Marche region: the painted cross representing, in addition to the venerated image of Christ, the half-length of the Lord, the Virgin Mary and Giovanni Battista, which adorns the polylobate mirrors of the moulding  and the side arms. The suggestive building is in white tans and the simple façade boasts  an elliptical Gothic portal.

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