Sarnano - Pizzo Meta


Mount Pizzo di Meta, 1576 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in this northern sector of the Sibillini mountains and belongs to the Sarnano municipality for the area between Lardina moat and the Rio Terro (Terro creek) valley, both tributaries of Tennacola river. Its peculiar aspect makes it easily recognizable: the eastern side is harsh and rocky while the western side slowly slopes away towards Ragnolo Plains. It is unmistakable because of the soft wide grazing lawns, with their beautiful spring blooming, and the horrific and harsh Meta Moat, between Punta di Ragnolo (Ragnolo peak) and Pizzo Meta, which is famous because renowned mountaineers, in a not so remote past, tracked and ascended climbing paths there. The view is really suggestive, a show accessible to all, through roads and tracks within particularly charming landscapes. It is a natural balcony overlooking the sweet hills of Marche, and beyond them the Adriatic sea: the ideal locations for a sustainable tourism consisting of summer excursions, as well as for winter holidays due to the downhill ski districts of Sarnano, from Sassotetto to Santa Maria Maddalena, and of nearby Pintura di Bolognola; cross-country ski and snowkiting can be practiced precisely on the lawns  of Ragnolo Mountain.


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