Sarnano- The Convent of Roccabruna

Near Pian di Pica, by Sarnano, in the loneliness of a vast plain, is an old farmhouse now private property, incorporating a small convent and a chapel with a bellfry built on the foundations - which are still visible - of the tower of Brunforte Family, ancient lords of the city of Sarnano. The Convent of Roccabruna was of paramount importance. If, as is known from multiple sources, S. Francesco, in this Convent, found a place of peace among people from Sarnano and the Lords of Brunforte, leaving as a sign of peace among the contenders a Serafino imprinted with his cord on a wax tablet, in memory of the angel who on Mount Verna had impressed the stigmata on the body of the saint. In Sarmano's coat of arms is a particular figure, a Seraph, an angel on fire with six wings. An ancient legend tells that Sarnano's inhabitants, having a contentious nature, often discussed on any subject. One day, they had to decide the emblem of their city, but - without reaching an agreement, they argued for days. It happened that by chance S. Francesco just passed there. Being a famous peacemaker, he drew on the city wall a seraph, bringing peace and agreement between all citizens. Moreover, one should remember that in Roccabruna convent, also called Brunforte and today called S. Francesco di Valcajano, lived friar Ugolino from Montegiorgio (Mons Sanctae Mariae in Georgian language) author of S. Francesco's "Little Flowers" which tells the life of the Saint and of his "Little Friars".

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the convent is currently closed. For further information please write to


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