San Severino Marche - The fortified village of Carpignano

The fortified village of Carpignano is located in locality Carpignano. Built between the thirteenth and fourteenth century, it is currently visible from the outside. It is one of the most remarkable examples of military architecture of the area. Since 1471 the village has been under the control of San Severino Marche and was later rebuilt. It retains the remains of the walls which were about 200 meters long, three semicircular corner towers, the gateway to the castle with a round arch and the main tower (m. 25) with a pentagonal castle keep (m. 12), set against a small church. On one of the houses built within the walls, you can notice  a lion rampant, emblem of the Guelph faction, carved on a stone.
Due to the earthquake occured in 2016, the village has been damaged.

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