San Severino Marche – Church and Convent of S. Maria delle Grazie –Sanctuary of S. Pacifico


A monastery of the 13th century is on top of the hill overlooking San Severino Marche, where there were some canonesses of Sant’ Agostino until 1436, when the Convent was entrusted to the Franciscan Friars Minor, and today is the worship place of S. Pacifico Divini, whose tomb is located in the Church. The Church of the 12th century has undergone several renovations. It is characterized by a staircase and a majestic neoclassical portico. The pointed arch doorway is still the original one that Comacine masters built in the mid-fifteenth century. The three naves interior has the chapel of San Pacific on the right with the ark of the Saint. Behind the monastery it was created in the 60's the great homeless shelter “San Pacifico”, with modern facilities. It is open to everybody, even for holiday accommodation, it has 30 rooms with bathroom, restaurant, bar, hall for meetings. The early Church of S. Maria with the adjacent convent, once governed by the Augustinians, passed in the fifteenth century to the Observant Friars Minor, with the name of S. Maria delle Grazie. It was also expanded and renovated several times; from the ancient perspective drawing, it preserves the gothic tile portal of eight pillars, on which rest many arches wrapped in carvings of leaves and flowers. The shape today is due to the rebuilding wanted by Count Severino Servanzi Collio who, following the canonization of Pacifico Divini (17th cent.), financed the works for the church In 1842. The Church housed the remains of the Patron Saint of the town and this Franciscan Church was set to become a sanctuary.



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