San Severino Marche - Abbey of San Mariano in valle Fabiana


At the foot of the hill of the village of Colleluce, along the road which connects San Severino Marche and Serrapetrona, there is still the abbey of San Mariano in Valle Fabiana with some monastic buildings turned into a farmhouse. At first it was owned by the Farfa monks, then in the 11th  century it passed to the Bishops of Camerino. The monastery was characterized by an intense economic activity and its possessions were between the Chienti and Potenza valleys. In 1240 it was attacked and put into fire by the troops by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen so the monks had to move  to the castle of San Severino Marche. In 1327   the monastery was joined to the abbey of Santa Maria in Valfucina: in 1489 they were both added  to the Collegiate Church of San Severino. Little is left of the original building, that is the outer perimeter wall to the right side of the church where Romanesque windows can be found.  

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the church is temporarily closed. For further information please write to:


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