San Severino Marche- Abbey of Santa Maria di Valfucina


The abbey of Santa Maria di Valfucina is located between the southern- eastern slopes of San Vicino Mount and the Canfaito plateau. It’s at the edge of the hydrographic basin of the Esino and Musone rivers. The abbey was built towards the end of the 11th century. Between 1227 and 1236 it owned the valley where it was raised, various lands and 29 churches in the municipalities of Matelica, San Severino, Cingoli, Treia, Jesi, Osimo and Recanati. In the archives of San Severino Marche there are 398 scrolls coming from the abbey. It also had a very large library. The castle of Elcito was the stronghold of the monastery, as it had a dominant position above the valley. In 1250 a fire broke out and it destroyed much of the abbey. The decline of the abbey started and continued relentlessly. In 1799 it fell down due to an earthquake, and only the crypt was spared from destruction. Inside the crypt marvellous capitals with decorations can be seen. On the site of the destroyed abbey it’s been erected a small chapel which still exists.


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