Ripatransone - Municipal Picture-gallery - Bonomi Gera Palace

Collections kept in the Bonomi Gera Palace form the original core of the first Civic Museum of Ripatransone dating from 1877. 
Afterwards the Civic Museum was enlarged thanks to the donations of Uno Gera's works and the Bonomi Palace. 
Uno Gera, magistrate and sculptor, was born in Ripatransone in 1890 and he played a leading role in setting up the Municipal Picture-gallery. 
From 1966 to 1976 Uno Gera restored and arranged his palace so that it recovered its ancient magnificence: he bought and rearranged furniture, paintings and other objects in a very personal taste.

Ripatransone - Municipal Picture-gallery - Bonomi Gera Palace

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 132, 132
Ripatransone (AP)
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OPENING TIME: Summer opening hours (15/06 - 30/08) every day 16,00-20,00, Sunday 10,00-13,00 - 16,00-20,00. Winter opening hours every day 10,30-12,30 - 16,30-19,30 closed on Monday

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