Regional Park of Mount Conero


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The Regional Park of Mount Conero covers an area of about 6000 hectares of protected land; it was established in 1997; the towns included in the park are: Ancona, Camerano, Numana and Sirolo. Mount Conero, just south of Ancona, provides the only really rugged coastline in The Marche. Rising spectacularly out of the sea to a height of 572 metres, it boasts over a thousand species of wild plants, as well as a rich bird life and several mammals suck as the badger, the fox, the weasel, the skunk, the deer, the wild boar and the hedgehog. Its territory includes places of great charm: the bay of Portonovo, the riviera's two chief resort of Sirolo and Numana, the northern view-point, Pian Grande, Pian dei Raggetti, 18 hiking routes developing among strawberry trees, brooms, chestnut trees, oaks, olive trees, vineyards, maples and junipers and this all immersed in the magic Mediterranean maquis. There are different landscapes and environments in the protected area: the steep limestone cliffs, the hills, the agricultural areas, the valley floors, the wet lands, the coastal dunes and the salt lakes in Portonovo bay.

The park also boasts remarkable geological, historic and artistic attractions: the rock carvings, the Roman caves, the Camerano caves, the Benedictine and Franciscan Monasteries such as San Pietro al Conero, the ruins of the hermitage of Saint Benedict, the beautiful Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Portonovo, the archaeological area of the Picene necropolis in Sirolo, the Fortino Napoleonico in Portonovo bay, a fort built in 1808 by Napoleon's Italian Viceroy to fight off English ships. The most typical products of the area are: Rosso Conero, the outstanding red wine from the vineyards around Monte Conero, the “mosciolo selvatico” (wild mussels) of Portonovo, honey and oil.

 The Conero Park is a paradise for bird watchers and its many paths meet the needs of those who enjoy mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding and it’s not at all unfrequent to see horses by the beach in winter months.  The cliffs are ideal for climbing and free climbing, and the clear coastal waters are ideal for lovers of diving, sport fishing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The slopes of the Conero are also well suited as a starting point for hang-gliding and paragliding. Also common is horse riding and in winter by the beach. Various are the schools for the mentioned disciplines.

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Regional Park of Mount Conero

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