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Leopardi (2014) directed by Mario Mantone, starring Elio Germano and Michele Riondino.Giacomo Leopardi, a bright boy, lives with his family in his home-library in Recanati. He has a difficult relationship with his father Monaldo. When he is 24 years old, he leaves Recanati, but his medical condition gets worse. In Florence, he meet Antonio Ranieri, who will become his best friend, and Fanny Targioni Tozzetti. He falls in love with her, but she does not return his feelings. For economic reasons, he went to Rome and then to Naples, where the cholera broke out; therefore, he and his best friend went to the slopes of Vesuvius, but his condition gets more serious and death is near.

Thanks to its strategic position, Recanati has impressive landscapes. The town is famous, since it is Giacomo Leopardi’s birthplace; therefore, many places are strictly related to the author of “The Infinite”: Leopardi Palace, the native home of the poet and still occupied by his descendants, and the square of the Saturday night in the Village; the suggestive Hill of Infinite, which is the Monte Tabor from which visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view; Leopardi Square where there is the neoclassical Town Hall dating back to 1800; in the middle of the square there is the monument dedicated to Giorgio Panichi and the Ghibelline Tower (known as Tower of the Village) on which the coat of arms of Recanati and Fermo stand out (dating back to the XIII century) and an old clock. Despite its historic heritage and impressive natural beauty, Recanati has gained the visibility it deserves only in 2014 with the movie Leopardi, which focuses on some aspects of the poet’s life, starring Elio Germano. Thanks to Leopardi’s descendants, it was possible to shoot the movie in Leopardi’s place, such as the Leopardi Palace. Moreover, the historic centre, the gardens and church of Recanati, the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto, the historic centre of Osimo and the Civic Museums of Buonaccorsi Palace of Macerata are clearly recognizable.
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Born in Venice around 1480, the young artist Lorenzo Lotto chose to move to Treviso. There Lotto formed a relationship with the humanist circle of Bishop Bernardo De Rossi from Parma, which straight away provided him with advantageous and profitable commissions. In 1508 Lotto was called to the Vatican in Rome to paint the rooms of the new apartment of Julius II. During the period between 1509 and 1516 the movements of the Venetian artist are somewhat obscure. The following decade, spent in Bergamo, was undoubtedly Lotto’s happiest and most creative period. At the end of 1525, after an absence of 20 years, he decided to return to Venice where however the rising star of Titian, with his sensuous and joyful painting, precluded the favour of the patrons towards Lotto. He died in the Marche in 1556 and was buried, at his request, in a Dominican friar’s habit. Lotto accomplished many works in the Marche, providing testimony to his genius and his remarkable personality.

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