Ramai di Force Museum

The museum was founded 15 years ago, in 2005. In the late 60s though, in Force, it used to be organized an annual copper and wrought iron exhibition. The Ramai di Force Museum, located in the underground of Palazzo Canestrari, was opened to the public to preserve and to be the testimony of these ancient traditions.
The current exhibition is aimed to show the quality of the copper manufactures, of the techniques used to create utensils and what they were made for.
The collection includes many tools used in daily life like stills (dialect: tamburlà) used to produce a local spirit called mistrà.

Workshop space
The Ramai di Force Museum arranges educational activities for children and teenagers, to let them learn more about their history and customs through the local manufactures. Teachers and artisans of the museum have the goal to organize workshops in order to attract interest; they want this new generation to become aware of the cultural and artistic fortune they inherited, also by letting children and teenagers free to use their creativity. They will be able to test new materials, to use different techniques and tools, to learn by creating.

Ramai di Force Museum

Corso Beata Assunta Pallotta, 35
Force (AP)

Recommended for: Family - Culture

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