Porto Sant’Elpidio – Giardini di Villa Baruchello (Villa Baruchello Gardens)


The villa raises in the Marina Picena neighborhood, in Porto Sant’Elpidio, close to the sea shore. It is named after its last owners, a family the Municipality, now its owner, bought it from in 1980 to create a public park and botanic garden.

A boulevard flanked by majestic holm oaks leads to the entrance, at the front façade of the building decorated with a little collection of softwood trees which include a Lebanon cedar, Austrian and black pines, red and white firs and, last but not least, the cypresses typical of the local Mediterranean flora.

Remarkable is the presence of other softwood species, such as the tall Canary palm and a thick bush of dwarf palms, the only one that grows spontaneously in the local climate. Almost under the branches of the cedar tree there is a little specimen of cycas, a real living fossil, similar to palms but closer, from an evolutionary point of view, to conifers. The two flowerbeds at the entrance are completed by some bushes of pittosporum, hawthorn, common barberry, spiraea and some little crape myrtle trees, whose carefully cared for log and branches almost look like being sculptured.

The front side of the garden is also enriched by a big, old specimen of plane tree, whose typical bark desquamates by wide layers. Moving north, the flowerbed on the right too shows interesting specimens of plants, such as a sophora pendula, a few “false”cypresses, some old Alep pine trees and a lonely linden.

In the centre of the inner part of the garden, a basin gets covered, at the end of Spring and in Summer,  with the big round leaves of the white and elegant water lily flowers; down at the bottom, a little stairway guarded by a couple of Carrara marble sphinxes introduces to a little Orient-like oasis, decorated with dwarf palm trees and thin bamboos, which precedes a luxuriant park of holm oaks and magnolias; on the top of the hill there are some white-cypresses. Finally, the paths in the wood lead to a middle-ages styled little brick tower.


Porto Sant’Elpidio – Giardini di Villa Baruchello (Villa Baruchello Gardens)

Via Belvedere, 20
Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM)
328 844592 Luciano - 3389134102 Fabio

OPENING TIME: The gardens are open to the public every day, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Discover: Art and Culture
Recommended for: Family - Culture - Wedding

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