Porto San Giorgio - St. George Martyr Church


The parish church is dedicated to the town’s patron Saint George. The church was built between 1831 and 1851 by the architect Giunchini near the Clock Tower and the Fortress, to replace the previous church which was demolished in 1804. The neo-classical style building, has three naves divided by double columns and two-gabled facade. Inside the church, there is the statue of St. George on horseback, made by Giovanni Paci (1840), a version of a polyptych made by Fermo Art Institute students, as well as a painting by Gaetano Gandolfi representing Saints of the Franciscan Order. The square in front of the church, there is the Democracy Fountain  by Alfonso Bernardini and the Clock Tower.


Porto San Giorgio - St. George Martyr Church

Piazza San Giorgio, 7
Porto San Giorgio (FM)
0734678122 (Parrocchia)

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