Piersanti Palace and Museum - Matelica


The building, erected in the late '400, was enlarged in the' 600 and '700. In 1728 it was bought by Venanzio Filippo Piersanti, Prefect of the Pontifical Ceremonies, which started a collection of objects of great historical, cultural and artistic value. In 1901 it was donated - to the testamentary disposition of the Marquise Teresa Capeci Piersanti - to the Chapter of Santa Maria’s Cathedral. The museum has a great combination of works, objects and archaeological pieces, which give it a typical and interesting peculiarity and originality. In the main hall the eighteenth-century tapestries with the stories of “Aeneid” can be admired. Numerous are the paintings by the leading exponents of the schools of painting: from Camerino, Fabriano, and San Severino, besides valuable drawings by Barocci and artists belonging to the school of Raphael. Moreover, oriental porcelain, ivory objects, miniatures, religious and profane silverware are preserved and clothes, books, prints, a curious series of objects used during sacred ceremonies by Monsignor Piersanti. Among the many collections, the relics kept in showcases and urns from various eras are worth a visit. Also the rooms of the building related to everyday life, from the kitchen to the local wine-making and wine cellars with the original equipment deserve a visit. The ground floor of the Piersanti Museum contains a collection of archaeological finds ranging from prehistoric to Roman times.


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