Ostra - "La Vittoria" Theatre


“La Vittoria” Theatre is located near the Ostra Town Hall and it dates back to 1863, but there were three theatres before it. Originally, the theatre was owned by a condominium and the owners were gathered in a congregation in charge of organizing events every year. The current theatre was built by the architect Francesco Fellini from Barbara (Ancona). In 1980, after almost exclusively becoming a cinema, the theatre was closed, because it was not up to code. The theatre has a horseshoe plan overlooked by 29 theatre boxes divided into two rows. The stage has a 5,40-metre-long proscenium, and on the upper part it hosts scenic machinery, still working today. After a long renovation work, the theatre was reopened on January 6th, 1998. Every year, shows in prose, theatre for young people, concerts, amateur activities are performed.


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