Osimo - Basilica of S. Giuseppe da Copertino


San Giuseppe da Copertino, known as the “The Saint of flights”, is one of the most interesting personalities of the Christian mysticism.

As well as being the students’ patron Saint, he’s the same for the Catholic Anglo-Saxon aviation and the catholic NATO paratroopers. In Osimo, where he died in 1663, is the basilica dedicated to him, prior called Church of San Francesco. On the occasion of his beatification (1753), the Minor Friars decided to renovate and enrich it, according to time, and commissioned the work to the architect Andrea Vici. The Saint’s remains were placed under the altar in 1771. Among the housed works it is important to note the painting of the Madonna Enthroned with Saints by Antonio Solario; the canvas of the Crucifixion by Francesco Solimena. The Crypt, with the Saint’s remains, was built in 1963, on the occasion of the third centenary of his death. The Saint’s rooms were preserved in their original condition, including the three bedrooms that housed St. Giuseppe da Copertino from 1657 to 1663 and the oratory where he celebrated the Holy Mass.


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