Osimo- Church of St. Niccolò


The modern church of St. Niccolò was built in the 17th century on the previous site of a homonymous church which was founded after the year 1000 by Benedictine monks who moved here from the hamlet of Abbadia of Osimo. Important remains are left of this primitive building, such as the nice chapel painted by Pietro di Domenico da Montepulciano and the crypt with interesting capitals and the chapel of the Crucifix.

This complex was abandoned by Benedictine monks at the beginning of the 15th century, as they moved the parish to the nearby church of St. Mark in 1430. The church continued nevertheless to play an important role for the local community as it became the cathedral and the bishop’s palace when these buildings couldn’t be accessed to due to the revolt of Boccolino da Guzzone at the end of the 15th century.

In 1536 the Clarisses moved to the church and had a second church built after about a century. They continue to live in the convent of Saint Niccolò which is not open to the public due to their choice of cloistered life. Yet, it’s possible to visit the church of St. Niccolò if you take part to the mass celebration which takes place every day at 7 a.m. and on 24th December at midnight. The Chapel of the Crucifix is open only twice a year: on 14th September (Exaltation of the cross) and on 13th December ( when the anniversary of the miracle of the Cross is celebrated).


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