Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre


Originally, the theatre was located inside the town hall Palace it does not have its own facade, but the entrance is set under the town-hall Palace portico. The construction of the theatre, designed by the architect Pietro Maggi,  began in 1820. The current Serpente Aureo Theatre, renovated in 1862, is a real gem of Baroque style, and it was built in a horseshoe shape. The theatre hall consists of 50 boxes arranged on three floors, a gallery and stalls. The hall is decorated with stucco works and gilded carvings on a green background made by G. Battista Bernardi of Offida (18th-19th centuries), while the vaulted ceiling, representing Apollo and the Muses, was painted by Alcide Allevi (1831-1893). All around, eight medallions represent the most famous opera and drama composers: Pergolesi, Verdi, Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, Alfieri, Goldoni, Metastasio. An ornamental chandelier with crystal bulbs overlooks the entire vault. The stage still preserves the old curtain on which is painted the legend of the mythical Golden Snake (Serpente Aureo). In 1900 the theatre had been altered more than once.


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