Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

Today, the archaeological museum "G. Allevi" is located inside the nineteenth-century De Castellotti - Pagnanelli building that has been hosted, since 1998, the museum of the Lace, the museum of Popular Tradition and the town's Picture Gallery becoming, this way, a major cultural centre. The Museum was founded thanks to the numerous and fortunate archaeological excavations carried out in the second half of the nineteenth century by archaeologist Guglielmo Allevi (1834-1896).
Nearly intact, however, is the heart of the "lithic Collection", of the two important Picene necropolises of Offida and Spinetoli, as well as the clay decorations of the Republic attributed to the legendary "OPHYS Temple".

Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

Via Roma, 17
Offida (AP)
+39 334 154 7890

OPENING TIME: Summer, Christmas and Easter: daily 10,00-12,30 /15,30-19,30. Winter holidays and only pre 10,00-12,30 / 15,00-19,00

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