National Archeological Museum of the Marche Region

Located in the sumptuous venue of Palazzo Ferretti since 1958, The National Archeological Museum of the Marche Region displays a very rich collection of finds coming from each part of the region, offering an overview on the history of the Marche Region from the Paleolithic to the Roman age. The museum itinerary is spread over three different floors and passes through the luxurious halls of the sixteenth-century Palace. Starting from the second floor, which corresponds to the mezzanine, you can admire some finds from the Paleolithic to the end of the Bronze age, among which the so-called “Venere di Frasassi” (Venus of the Frasassi Caves) stands out, a statuette depicting a female figure which is dated back to 28,000/25,000 years ago. The itinerary moves to the third floor with the Picentes section and the opulent artifacts found in tumbs, from the beginning of the Iron age to the Orientalising period, and it continues on the first floor with the Picentes relicts of the Classical age as well as with a section dedicated to the “Galli Sénoni” (Gauls) and their traces throughout the Marche Region. Among the findings on display, you can come across with weapons, finely-crafted bronze, ivory and amber artifacts, vases coming from Athens and the Attic Region, golden relicts such as the crowns from Montefortino di Arcevia. The museum itinerary ends with the Hellenistic-Roman section, which includes artifacts found in the excavations of tombs and in the port of Ancona. All along your visit, you will also appreciate the magnificence of Palazzo Ferretti, which is not only the venue of the Museum, but it is also in itself a monument of inestimable historic-artistic value for the city. You could not overlook the frescos inside the “Salone delle Feste” (Party Hall) and the hall with a frieze by Pellegrino Tibaldi, the opulent coffered or grotesque-style wooden ceiling and the view over the port and the bay of Ancona from the astonishing terrace by Vanvitelli.
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