Montessori Foundation

The " Chiaravalle Montessori Foundation" (FCM), founded in 2007 by the Municipality of Chiaravalle, aims at spreading and improving Marche's culture,  through the personality of Maria Montessori.
To do so, the FCM tries to foster the knowledge of Maria Montessori's pedagogical method by organizing training courses on didactic differentiation on behalf of the Montessori National Opera; it also arranges and schedules conferences in Italy and abroad. The Foundation runs Maria Montessori's birthplace and its pedagogical library. The FCM follows the experience of the "Maria Montessori Birthplace Study Center", a center that has worked with passion to spread Maria Montessori's ideas and works  since the year 2000. The activity of the foundation continues the thirty-year work fulfilled by the Municipality of Chiaravalle which bought the house in 1998.

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