Montemarciano – Parco di Villa Buffarini Colle Sereno (Villa Buffarini Colle Sereno Park)


On the top of the so-called “Colle Sereno”(“Sunny Hill”), on an area, south-west of the city center, which was once known with the XVII century name of “Borgo delle Grazie”(Borough of Graces), stands the mansion, built at the end of the XIX century which hosts nowadays a hotel, named after the Censi Buffarini family, from Ancona, who lived here from 1901 to 1963.

For more than fifty years the villa was the private residence of the Censi Buffarini family; by initiative of Vincenzo a section of it, together with the wide surrounding area, was transformed into a farm, a modification still shown by its structure, even though in time it underwent many restorations caused by changes in its use. The park of the villa belongs now to the City Council.

While walking in the park, which at the time when it was a farm was rich with spiral flowerbeds and lemon trees, the most hidden and raised part of the garden, once called “La Montagnola”(the little mountain) can still be seen. It was created by accumulating there the exceeding soil removed from the fields. Further ahead, a little vegetal tunnel appears, created by the twine of trees and shrubs, which leads to a cabin by now in ruins, the so-called “roccolo”, once used to hunt birds.

The wide park still keeps most of it original vegetal variety: further to pine, palm and nut trees, cypresses, oaks, yews, magnolias and a few specimens of American maple trees, it also hosts such botanic rarities, bearing a high scientific importance, as the Lyphyllum hypoxanthum, a mushroom  by the wide brown hat (a diameter up to 22 centimeters long), found under the centuries-old cypresses and only growing in a few areas of France, Spain and Italy. Between the plants existing in the park deserve also being mentioned the laurel oak (Laurus nobilis), the Italian backthorn (Rhamnus Aleternus), the pittosporum (Pittosporum tobira), the laurestine (Viburnum tinus) and the privet (Ligustrum volgare). Standing on this very panoramic point of the park, under the fresh shadow of the rich variety of trees visitors can also enjoy the sight of the sea and of the surrounding countryside.


Montemarciano – Parco di Villa Buffarini Colle Sereno (Villa Buffarini Colle Sereno Park)

Via IV Novembre, 78
Montemarciano (AN)
392 228405

OPENING TIME: Gardens are open to the public the whole day long.

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