Montegiorgio - Hippodrome San Paolo

At 5 km far from Montegiorgio, along the Tenna Valley, is the Hippodrome San Paolo, which covers a total area of ​​220,000 square meters, of which 65,000 are for the public, 18,500 for the racing track, 7,200 used for training, 15,000 for the stables, 20,000 destined to paddock, 35,000 occupied by the straight runs and alignment rods. In addition, within the racing track, is a well fenced and protected small lake, covering 12,000 square meters , that has a continuous supply of water. The rest of the area is destined for roads, parking lots and green areas. The area used to the public is fenced and can accommodate 13,000 spectators with 2,000 seats. A car park with 3,000 parking spaces, a restaurant, a self-service cafeteria, three bars and a large, refurbished children's playground complete the facilities for the public. The racecourse is also equipped for night racing. The new lighting system provides an average illuminance on the track, more than 1,000 lux and 1,400 lux along the home straight. The television coverage of the service consists of two control rooms: the first one, allowing live racing with three cameras, is always available to the jury; the other one is digital and offers 4 cameras both for the public in the hippodrome, that can watch the race on 20 monitors, and for the outdoor public, that can watch horse racing at bookmaker's.

Montegiorgio - Hippodrome San Paolo

Via dell'Ippodromo, 1
Montegiorgio (FM)
0734 964931


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