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The construction of the convent of San Francesco, in the west of the city center of Montefiore Aso, dates from the thirteenth century. The history of the monastery is closely linked to the evolution of the Franciscan order in the Marche. The convent restored after the earthquake of 1997, was designed by the Town Council to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of civic duty. The new museum unfolds in the rooms of the monastery by accepting the Hall of Carlo Crivelli, the Documentation Centre Scenic Giancarlo Basili, Adolfo de Carolis Museum, the Museum of Rural Life, the collection Domenico Cantatore. The museum complex also includes associations and other cultural activities such as the choir in the town hall called "La Musica at Montefiore Aso," the school of painting and engraving in the "Laboratory of Arts and Crafts," the arts and crafts in the "Workshop of the Arts".

Montefiore dell'Aso - Museums of San Francisco

Piazza San Francesco
Montefiore dell'Aso (AP)
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OPENING TIME: Winter: Sat. Sun and fest. 10.00/13.00-15.30/ 8.30. Summer: daily (excl. Lun.) 16.00 / 20:00

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