Montefano- Giovanni Vannucci centre for Biblical studies


The Giovanni Vannucci centre for Biblical studies in Montefano was founded in 1995 by two friars belonging to the Order of “Servants of Mary”, Alberto Maggi and Ricardo Pérez Márquez. They were joined between 1998 and 2009 by the patrologist friar Paolo Zannini.

The Centre was founded in order to study scientifically the Holy Scriptures and their divulgation among people, so that the richness of the Bible can be accessible to everybody through meetings, publications etc.

The Centre was dedicated to Giovanni Vannucci (1913-1984), a friar Servant of Mary, who was able to read prophetically  the sacred texts.


The Centre is located at the Convent of St. San Filippo Benizi in Montefano. It’s a eighteenth-century building. Every first and second Sunday of the month the Center organizes Gospel meetings that attract hundreds of participants from all over Italy. The meetings of the Center for Biblical Studies are also live broadcast on the internet site and are followed throughout Italy and abroad. Every summer the Center organizes a "Bible Week" and a study tour in the land of Jesus in order to understand always better the "good news" of the Lord.

Montefano- Giovanni Vannucci centre for Biblical studies

Via Servi di Maria, 8
Montefano (MC)
0733.852760 0733.852798

OPENING TIME: Usually open on Saturdays and Sundays from 5 p.m. On other days please phone for agreements.


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