Monastero di S. Bartolomeo e S. Romualdo

The Monastery of San Bartolomeo and San Romualdo in Fabriano was founded by the Camaldolese order. An hermitage dedicated to San Romualdo had been established since the 13th century; it was later turned into a monastery for the monks of Valdicastro. The original construction can be identified with the cloister and the ground floor. Since 1253 the Monastery had been under the protection of the Holy See, even though  the monks of Valdicastro used to run it.
The building was purchased by the Chiavelli family, that later donated it to the Benedictine nuns. Because of the Napoleonic suppression of the religious orders, the Benedictine had to leave the convent. The Capuchin Poor Clares have been occupying the monastery since 1835 ; the monastery  features has a large cloister, a small private garden and a guest house, equipped with a small kitchen for groups. The church, that is part of the monastery, is in Baroque style.
The Monastery of San Bartolomeo and San Romualdo joins the project the Monasteries of the Marche.

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