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Mediateca Montanari stands on a very important site of Roman Fano. It is a wide area surrounded by “Portici” having colums made of brick, where the tops and the bottoms are made with the traditional Tuscany style. This is maybe due to the teathre wich remains close by, to offer a more luxurious spectacle for the audiences regularly attending the shows. The building was realized at the end of the I century B.C. On the east side of the four-sided “Portico” was hereafter place an imposing building assigned to the imperial veneration of Claudio emperor age (41-54 A.D.) It consist in a wide room simptuously composed by polychromatic marbles in the floor and on the walls, and by arcade or opposite pronaos, perhaps having four Corinthian colums wich faced in one of the main roads of the Roman city, the “Decumano Massimo”, wich corresponds to the corrent street of the “Arco di Augusto”. Claudio's statues, of the “Britannic son” and the other imperial family members as well, composed the images related to this veneration strongly diffused in the whole Roman world.


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