Matelica - Church of San Filippo


Joined to the Convent and the Oratory of the Filippini Fathers, the Church of St. Filippo was built, between the years 1655 and 1660, by the noble Ottaviano Grassetti and donated to the religious people on 29th November 1660. Consecrated in 1737, coinciding with the restoration and the construction of the Convent of the Filippini Fathers, it has a measured terracotta façade with a niche at the center containing a terracotta statue of the Saint. The interior appears immediately as an interesting example of Baroque architecture, linked to the Filippini order.
The Oratory is accompanied by the eighteenth-century convent which, according the Filippini rules, must be attached to each sacred building linked to the order of St. Filippo. The most interesting part of the complex appears to be the secondary façade, along the outer walls, enlivened by a rich pattern of the openings, as opposed to the main façade on Via Oberdan, without any particular architectural relief. After the unification of Italy, the convent was used as headquarters for the School of Arts and Trades, later transformed into Regia Scuola Tecnica Industriale, to which a Goodwill Secondary Vocational School was also annexed, both for boys and girls and which today is no longer active.

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the church is temporarily closed. For further information please write to:


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