Maiolati Spontini - Gaspare Spontini Museum


In the central Via Spontini is the house where the great composer and his wife Celeste Erard spent the last years of their lives.
The house was restored by the couple in order to come back to live in Maiolati, but the commitments due to the great success of the Master in all of Europe firstly before the French court and then in Germany, allowed them to spend a few moments in the beloved Marche Region.
The building, in neoclassical style, has a simple and elegant brick façade: at the ground floor there are the rooms that were used as kitchens and rooms for servants, whereas, at the back, the pleasant garden to which Celeste Erard (who wanted it full of figs and mulberries) paid a great attention is preserved.
Walking up the ramp of stairs you reach the first floor, which is entirely dedicated to the prestigious career of the Master and from there to the upper floor, via a single port socket, you get to a long corridor to the sides of which are distributed household, furnished rooms according to the period style with furniture belonging to the family and a little curiosity: a tiny toilet, the first, in a private house, built in Maiolati. Among the various household objects stand out rarities like the cup with the effigy of William III of Prussia, admirer and protector of Gaspare Spontini in his Berlin period, or that with the same portrait of the composer together with other contemporary musicians such as Haydn, Handel, Mozart and Gluk.
Of great interest as well as music sheets, manuscripts and some twists and projects, are the two piano signed by Parisians Brothers Erard. The family of Celeste Erard was at that time the most renowned manufacturer of musical instruments and from Paris came with them also two portraits of the Spontini spouses made between 1810 and 1820 after the marriage between the two.
Of particular note the four paintings, actually scene sketches of great pictorial quality, depicting the staging of French works of Spontini: the Miltondel 1804, The Vestal 1807, Fernand Cortez in 1809 and Olimpie 1819.
In the adjoining room is preserved the elegant divided awarded to Spontini Academy of Beautiful Arts of France Institute in 1839 and the medal struck on the occasion of the first music festival headed Halle in September 1829. It was on this same occasion that he was awarded by the federiciata University of Halle the title of Doctor of Music, honoris cause.


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