Maiolati Spontini- “The treasure road” cycling trail


From Moie to Jesi – Length of cycling trail: about 7 miles

A walking and cycling path which flanks the Esino river and takes you to the discovery of this valley of hidden treasures in the neat countryside of the Esino valley.

The departure is set in Moie (Via della Chiusa/Parco dei Caduti di Nassiriya) where, among churches and monuments, you can breathe a reserved elegant history .

Symbol of Moie is the abbey of S. Maria which was built in a forest at the left hand side of the river Esino and in a typical wetland after which the locality is named. The abbey of Moie was built using a yellow sandstone and has a typical Greek cross plan. It’s one of the most important regional monuments in Romanesque style. Flanking the parallel irrigation canal you get to Pantiere and from here you get into the local road and go back to the cycling trail again up to Jesi.

In Jesi Emperor Frederick II was born and important art and architecture tresures are preserved in the town Picture- Gallery, in the Palazzo della Signoria and not to be missed is the Pergolesi Theatre. Cycling along the geometrical farmland you’ll get a glimpse of the old and impressive sprinkler irrigation system.

The treasure Road also allows you to reach the beach of Senigallia, if you cycle along a further cycling path from Jesi.


Maiolati Spontini- “The treasure road” cycling trail

Maiolati Spontini (AN)
0731 70751 (Comune/Municipality)

Recommended for: Bike - Family

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