Maiolati - Celeste Hill


The park is a short walk from the old town, on a hill formerly known as the Colle Bellavista, East of Maiolati Spontini. The Camaldolese friars of the Hermitage of Cupramontana's Caves had already noticed the stunning location of this hill, so that between 1600 and 1700 they here begun the construction of a new hermitage. The Colle Celeste Park takes its name from the wife of Gaspare Spontini, Celeste Erard, to which the musician and composer dedicated the place; in 1842-43 he bought this land and since 1846 works for the realization of the park were carried out  by the Jesi architect Ciriaco Santini, behind the tips of the same Lady Celeste Erard. By accessing the Park through a gate and then proceeding along a tree-lined street, you get to a grove surrounded by a balcony, which offers a breathtaking panorama that goes from the valley of the river Esino to the Adriatic Sea. The initial project of the park included the construction of a temple and after Spontini's death his wife repeatedly expressed a desire to begin its construction in order to place the body of the musician inside, but in 1858, inspired by a monument seen in Plombiéres, she decided to erect, in place of the temple, a statue of the Virgin made come from Lyon. The image of the Virgin Mary was meant to protect all countries and Maiolati in particular. The statue, which is 2.15 m high without stand, was inaugurated in the presence of Celeste on 19th September 1858. For the occasion, the city Council organized such events as church celebrations, a concert at the Belvedere, fireworks and the flight of 300 aerostatic globes. The park represents a rare example of English public parkland. At the Museum Spontini are preserved some drawings, some of which show the architect's project for the construction of the temple and others report the location of the plantation of trees, hedges and flowers, chosen by Celeste. Today, the park is used for events, concerts, plays and dances.


Maiolati - Celeste Hill

Colle Celeste a Maiolati Spontini
Maiolati Spontini (AN)
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