Macerata – Parco di Villa Lauri (Villa Lauri Park)


The villa rises in the Montalbano suburb, in the outskirts of Macerata, on the top of a hill that dominates the valleys of the Potenza and Chienti rivers. The complex was built by count Tommaso Lauri at the beginning of the Sixties of the XIX century. The building was designed by architect Ireneo Aleandri, who also created the Sferisterio Arena in Macerata. The villa’s scenographic entrance is dominated by two brick portals bearing the “Villa”and “Lauri”inscriptions, at the sides of a large gate, before a long boulevard.

During the XX century the villa became a property of the Province, which for a while transformed it into a tubercular hospital.

The green area is still strongly marked by the taste of the original owner, who wanted a wide garden in a varied style: the great English park, with its winding paths and little woods, includes in fact also some sections designed as formal gardens, with a regular and symmetric plant.

The passion of the Lauri family for botany can still be perceived in the great variety of tree species: mostly exotic conifers, mixed with specimens of autochthon broad-leaves trees. But there are also trees from Caucasus, Greek ones and Engelmann’s, Lebanon and Atlantic cedar trees, pines, cypresses, sequoias, yews, Paulownias, downy and holm oaks, basswoods, maples, palm trees.

Remarkable, even though now they lie in a state of dereliction, were the pavilions scattered in the woods, including “Uncle Tom’s cabin”(a little summer reading room), the little temple and the belvedere tower, all in a neo-gothic style, as well as the cottage, the artificial cave and several little monuments.


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