Macerata - Church of San Filippo

fter the canonisation of Saint Philip Neri in 1624, the Oratorians, already present in Macerata from 1611, decided to erect a building dedicated to the founder of the Order. Over the course of the 17th century yhe church of San Filippo was enlarged several times due to the increasing demands of the congregation until a completely new church was designed by G.B. Contini, which was completed in 1730. A westwork was adopted for the façade of the church which includes two twin towers terminating in onion spires, whilst the interior consists of a longitudinal plan with a central elliptical body along the main axis and with four chaples in the shape of a St. Andrew’s cross. The building contains varied and sumptuous ornamentation, produced in scagliola, as well as a fine altarpiece in marble for the high altar created by G. Bonessi between 1764 and 1770. Creators of the other decorative elements include S. Porfiri, L. Picozzi and G. Rodolini whilst the frescoes in the sacristy are the work of G. Alberti and the boiseries are by S. Fioravanti from Macerata.

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