Lago di Mercatale


Mercatale Lake, located between the village of Mercatale and at the foot of the hill of the old town of Sassocorvaro, is an artificial lake originated by a dam that blocks the flow of the river Foglia.

The lake is a destination for rowers, fishermen and visitors, all looking for relaxation, tranquility and an ideal place for their picnics as a park with bar and restaurant is also available and open from April to October.

The varied offer which can be found by the lake is able to meet the needs of a large audience, with its well-maintained paths, shelters and benches, small sports facilities for beach volley, a children's play area, a  motorhome parking area and a small restaurant.

Swimming is permitted in a limited area where beach umbrellas, a trained and equipped lifeguard and boat rentals are also available.

Nature and gastronomy lovers can luxuriate in a walk along the lake and taste traditional dishes, including truffles, in the quality restaurants widespread in the area. Not to be missed in Sassocorvaro are the old town and the Ubaldinesca fortress which is home to the museum Arca dell'Arte (Ark of the Art), an exhibition of life-size replicas of the greatest painting masterpieces that in 1940, thanks to Pasquale Rotondi, found a secret refuge from the dangers of war.


Lago di Mercatale

Lago di Mercatale
Sassocorvaro Auditore (PU)
339.1926995 ( gestore servizi lago)

Recommended for: Trekking

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