La Cuma - Late-Republican Sanctuary

In La Cuma di Monte Rinaldo, in the middle of the river Aso valley, is one of the most evocative archaeological sites in the whole Marche Region. Here, in 1957, the architectural remains of an important Hellenistic shrine of the late Republican period were identified, still the subject of archaeological research by scientists.
Of the whole structure a porch originally 66 m. long has been unearthed; it is divided into two aisles by a double row of tuff columns of different heights (four Ionic columns with capitals in the Ionic-Italic order and seven external Doric columns), the foundations of a wall in large tuff blocks in to circumscribe the sacred area, a well, gutters and a water facility. In the West side of the porch is a rectangular environment of uncertain destination with three Ionic columns between two pilasters and, in the front, the foundations of the temple which was probably raised on a podium can be seen. Together with the remains of the structure, several coating clays and terracotta high-relief figures were found; they must have belonged to the front of the temple decoration. What is the historical and archaeological context in which to enter the complex and the deity to whom it was dedicated is still unclear, though the presence of different elements such as the well, the loglines etc. would assume a relationship with the Sanatio rituals related to water.

La Cuma - Late-Republican Sanctuary

Località la Cuma, Contrada d’Aso
Monte Rinaldo (FM)

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