Jesi - Sanctuary of S. Maria delle Grazie


In the year 1456 a votive aedicule where the image of the Vergin Mary was painted was turned into a chapel, in order to thank the Vergin for having liberated the town from the plague. She was worshipped as the Vergin of Mercy.

The Carmelites were asked to celebrate Mass and they built a church dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine which was completed in 1509.

In 1619 the modern belfry with the typical octagonal shape was built; between 1751 and 1756 the church was completely renovated in Baroque style by Nicola Maiolatesi from Jesi.

The original little chapel was added to this larger building but it still houses the 15th century painting by Andrea di Bartolo representing the Vergin of Mercy . At the sides two 19th century paintings by Angelo Zona (1843) and Luigi Mancini from Jesi (1850) recall the miraculous intervention of the Virgin against the plague and against the French in 1557.

At the five side altars having columns and valuable stuccoed decorations above other paintings representing the mysteries of the life of Jesus painted by Luigi Lanci from Fabriano were placed, except for the Nativity painted in 1759 by Nicola Bertucci from Ancona.

Also the little chapel was adapted to this modern taste and it was projected again by Mattia Capponi. The decorations at the vault were carried out by Luigi Lanci.

The Carmelites left the sanctuary after Napoleon’s occupation and after the Unification of Italy. They’ve become again the custodians of the new Sanctuary. They live in the adjacent convent which was completed in 1624 with the construction of the cloister, where stories of life of St. Teresa of Avila are painted in the lunettes.


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