Jesi- Pergolesi Spontini Festival


The Pergolesi Spontini Festival is named after the two great composers who were born in the Marche: Giovan Battista Pergolesi (Jesi, 4th January 1710 - Pozzuoli, 16th March 1736) and Gaspare Spontini (14th November 1774 – 24th January 1851, Maiolati Spontini).

It takes place in the theatres of the province of Ancona, in central Marche, mainly in Jesi and its surroundings.

It’s organized by the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation, which aims at the divulgation and promotion of the works by the two artists not only by organizing performances but also carrying out studies.

Every year, within the festival, the works by Pergolesi and Spontini are performed , sometimes also critically reviewed. In fact, the works of Pergolesi were carefully selected by Francesco Degrada, the world maximum expert of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's works who wrote a catalogue of his works, getting rid of all false an unreliable attributions.

Thanks to his studies the Pergolesi Spontini Festival, which is the most important performance of the opera production by Pergolesi, has been correctly planned and his authentic works are played according to their author’ s will.

The Pergolesi Spontini Foundation has received very important awards from the Italian music critics, such as the Abbiati reward, and thanks to its promoting activity a scientific Commission for the National Edition of the works by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi has been established.


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