Genga - Speleological Museum and Archaeological

Prepared inside the former monastery of San Vittore, is divided into three sections: naturalistic, archaeological and speleology. To the ground floor you can admire a large skeleton of ursus speleus and especially the ichthyosaurus, a fossil of extraordinary rarity and scientific importance. This is a marine reptile about three meters long, which looks like a dolphin, and lived in the upper Jurassic, about one hundred and fifty million years ago.  
In the archaeological section are exposed to the urn for the ashes of the defunct found in Pianello (Bronze Age, XII cent. BC). Several are also the findings coming from the caves of the gorge, in some cases populated since the Eneolithic (IV millennium BC) until barbaric age, as the Caverna di Frasassi, Grotta dei BaffoniGrotta del Mezzogiorno, Grotta del Prete
It is also exposed a set of Celtic tomb and especially the oldest human finding in the Marche region: a skull found in a cave of Gola della Rossa.

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