Genga - San Vittore thermal spa


The spa of San Vittore is in the wonderful gorge of Frasassi, near the well- known Frasassi Caves and the Romanesque abbey of San Vittore. It’s surrounded by mountains covered with trees.

At the spa, where natural sulphurous waters are used you can ask for:

-          Inhaling therapies for the respiratory system ( such as nebulization therapy, sulphurous thermal water inhalations, etc.);

-          Balneotherapy ( taking a bath in sulphurous water) and mud treatments for bones and joints.

-          A section is specialized for the treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat. Therapies include: placement of a catheter into the eardrum; Politzer crenotherapy; nebulizations, nasal irrigation,insufflations,etc.

-          Also aesthetic therapies are offered, such as skin- peeling and facial massage etc.

Some of the therapies are paid by the National Health System and others are private.


The Attractions of Genga

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