Genga - Abbey of St. Vittore

It’s the most important Benedictine Monastery of our territory. Church and monastery rose in the last decade of 10th century from the initiative of a society of secular vassals, who, in the early decades of the following century rendered it autonomous. It reached the main importance and power in 13th century, when governed more than forty churches, feudal castles, land properties, in the territory of Fabriano, Genga, Sassoferrato, Roccacontrada.
The church, after the restructuring of this century, appears as a genuine Romanesque building, which recalls palaeochristian architectonic particulars, as well as Lombard and Byzantine. It is perhaps the most important Romanesque building of Marches, two steps from the popular Frasassi. The walls are made of travertine bricks and mixed materials; the plant is admirably simple, geometrically harmonious, the dome is elegant and slender.

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