Gelagna mill


The Gelagna Mill stands in the Gelagna Bassa borough of Serravalle del Chienti,  into an environment which invites visitors to enjoy the breeze rustling between the trees by the banks of the Chienti river, where they can stroll in the woods and relax, and catch sight in the distance of such wild animals as badgers, hares, foxes, dormice, squirrels and herons. The mill is placed at the junction of three water streams: the Riale creek, the Chienti river and the emissary channel from an electric power station. According to documents dating from the XVII century, the mill was built in the previous century. It fell into disuse in the fifties of the XX century. In 1913 a hydroelectric power station was built near the mill by Domenico Barboni and his wife Maddalena Cimica, who were the first to grasp the potentialities of this kind of industry in a territory mostly dedicated to a poor and underdeveloped agriculture. Till the sixties of last century, electricity was supplied directly to the final users; when nationalization occurred, it was surrendered to ENEL, the State Agency, and was discarded in 1985. The mill was an indispensable resource to the people in the area, so much so that that Gelagna site was rechristened “Molino”(“Mill”), as witnessed by a map dating back to 1600 in the Camerino Civic Gallery. It consisted of two hydraulic wheels (locally called “ritrecini”) which transferred the power to two couples of millstones, the larger one used to grind wheat, the other for a rougher grinding of cereals used to feed animals. The mill first and the power station later, enabled the surrounding territory to improve and modernize the life standard of people living there. Nowadays, the restoration of the productive complex enables visitors to admire the way the power station worked, possibly by sojourning in the rooms of the “miller’s house”, in the ancient mill, where a B&B has been set up. 


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