Frontino – Church and Convent of S. Francesco from Montefiorentino


The Franciscan monastery of Montefiorentino, the largest in the Marche Region, was founded in 1248 and then rebuilt over the centuries. Its structure is a must for all lovers of art and history. Inside the Church you can admire the Chapel of Oliva Counts, a Renaissance work inspired by Brunelleschi, probably built on a project by Simone Ferrucci and commissioned by Count Carlo Oliva.

The squared-map Chapel looks like an autonomous body and is characterized by a precise and rigorous language, though refined, in the majolica tiles floor, in the grey stone borders, in the round windows and in the finely carved marble tombs. You can not establish with certainty the date of construction work even though some chronological quotes allow you to frame the historical reference period: 1484 dedicatory inscription by Carlo Oliva carved in the frieze that runs all around the bay, 1478 and 1485 corresponding to the respective dates of death found on the tombs of Gianfrancesco Oliva and Marsibilia Trinci and 1489, the date indicated in the altarpiece.

Moreover, there are two original pews on either side of the entrance, decorated with inlays by the master Zocchino (signed and dated 1493), and the two twin tombs of Count Gianfrancesco Oliva, Count Charles’ father, and his wife Marsibilia Trinci, magnificent by accurate finishing of Simone Ferrucci. On the altar is a Renaissance altarpiece with beautiful setting depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints, the best work of the Urbino painter Giovanni Santi (signed and dated 1489), father of the famous Raphael Sanzio.

In the Church are also several valuable works of '600 as an organ and choir, the choir stalls and other paintings. To the left of the church there is a small rectangular cloister enriched by two wells of the eighteenth century.

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Frontino – Church and Convent of S. Francesco from Montefiorentino

Località Montefiorentino
Frontino (PU)
0722.71202 - 0722.71131 (Comune)

OPENING TIME: Open upon request. For info visit: tel: +39 0722 71131 (City-Tourism Bureau. Please call during working hours)

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